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What are the benefits in having a Foot Reflexology session?

The feet are gateways to the soul.
Our feet take us everywhere we are going. When we connect with the earth, especially with our bare feet, it is an activation. The ground we walk on as well as the ocean floor have negative ions that supply us with positive vibration, natural balance and well-being. This vital life energy we receive from the ground through the feet replenishes us. This is the power of the feet.  

In our busy lives, or when weather is cold, we aren't always able to touch foot to soil or to the ocean's floor. It is important to find another way to connect in order to receive life's vital energy to keep us balanced and rejuvenated. Foot Reflexology is a bridge for this.

Reflexology is an ancient healing form that has been used for thousands of years in Egypt, China, India. These three countries in particular have all referenced the importance of the feet in health & healing. Ancient healers knew the power of the foot.

How Reflexology works and what it does
The reflexes found on the bottoms of the feet are powerful tools of communication to the rest of the body. As
the reflex points are gently and firmly pressed, they connect to an energy intelligence in your body. With these 'calls of energy', Reflexology then helps support the body in its own natural relaxation and healing process. Each reflex point correlates to a particular body part, organ or system. For example, if you were having difficulty sleeping, I might address the reflex points on your feet that correlate to the spine and head in order to bring in more relaxation for your entire nervous system.

Deeply relaxing, Reflexology is also a natural aid in assisting the body and mind to organically tune in.
Extremely grounding, Reflexology assists in healing many systems of the body while calming the nervous system. A session will help restore and rejuvenate your body and mind. Your body systems will work in unison with your nervous system creating a recalibration. Health practitioners often refer to this recalibration as 'homeostasis' and it is a healthy, balanced state to be in. Physical conditions can be soothed & healed as well as emotional and energetic traumas, blockages.  (*Some information sourced through Wendy Coad, CR and Teacher)

A SoleHealing Reflexology Session

Private sessions are unique and tailored to you. Whether its physical, emotional, mental, or soul healing you wish to experience, you will experience a deep calm during your reflexology journey.
 I recommend setting an intent (a desire or reason for your visit.) An intent helps sets the tone for you to receive the changes you wish to occur. Whether you choose to set an intent, want to know more about what is transpiring within you, or just fall asleep, your session is always confident, a safe place to truly let-go. During your SoleHealing session, I work as a guide taking you into deep relaxation and bringing you back so you can feel results. You'll be reclining in a 'gravity' chair that feels heavenly. Massage tables are available if you prefer, please let me know ahead of time.

If you are having physical pains or concerns, your body will have an opportunity to experience significant levels of deep relaxation which helps ease pain. Spiritually and/or emotionally, some say they experience a feeling of connectedness or oneness, giving them greater personal insight. Nurturing and grounding, a session for you may allow you to simply recall what is most important in your life now. Naturally linking the body and soul with grace, SoleHealing Reflexology reminds you of the sacred relationship to yourself, others and life. 

A gracious article written by one of my clients:

Loved it. As soon as I saw the offer for Foot Reflexology, I had to jump on it. I love what this modality does for my body, mind and spirit. As Dena worked her magic, I went on a journey out of time...revisited memories as they arose, and came back to the present time and dimension refreshed and revitalized. It also appears to have helped my lower back problem that had been bothering me for over three weeks.  
  -B. Larrick, Ashland, OR.

Dena is professional and very caring. I relaxed so deeply and throughly enjoyed my Reflexology session.
  -H. Horn, Ashland, OR

Wonderful work. Dena has the touch. I am still floating after an hour. 
  -L. Cantrell, Ashland, OR

After a session with Dena, I feel such a deep sense of peace and well-being, both physically and emotionally. During a session, I can feel knots in my physical and emotional bodies being untangled, loose ends being tied, and all the cold, dark, neglected places being cared for. Dena has a rare combination of gifts that make her an amazing facilitator of the healing process: a highly refined intuitive sense, skill with foot reflexology, an alliance with plants and their medicine, and a huge capacity for nurturing. Sessions with Dena are going to become a regular part of my self care.  
  -M. Laube, Ashland, OR.

Dena's intuition and knowledge of the body through the feet is beyond compare. I highly recommend her. 
  -S. Jai


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*Standard Disclaimer: This site was created to share the wonderful benefits of Reflexology. It is for educational purposes only. Results will vary. Reflexology is never a substitute for medical care. The information on this site is not intended to treat, diagnose, prescribe or prevent any disease. You are advised to consult with the appropriate health practitioner in case of any medical condition.


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